"oh you mean just like us?"


My 3x3x3 broke last year and I only have 4x4x4 around and I hate it so much.

How am I supposed to remember (Dd) R U’ R’ F’ U2 F (Dd)’ ? ???


Jean’s adventure being Eren (and Levi)’s roommate.


Do you want me to torment you until you’re vomiting blood again?


Muay Thai AU: Eren is a kid who picks up fights everyday in his neighbourhood with the other brats. One day his father sees the way he fights and tell him to practice the ultra violent ways of Muay Thai. At the practices, Levi (a veteran of the sport, who has to resign fighting due to a sever injury in his leg) got interested in Eren and his passion to battle, so he want’s to train him with his best techniques.

But you know Eren gets pissed easily and his first battles is almost  desqualified for excesive violence.

I really don’t know much about Muay Thai. So I don’t go into details. Just copied the poses!

Enjoy the drawings though!


has this been done yet



by @kokoro_ksrg (pixiv id 2686493)

eren and levi cosplaying each other!

I didn’t know I needed this so badly

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